New Hope Real Help for those who have MS New Hope Real Help for those who have MS

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"The information I've received from you
has truly changed my life and helped me to preserve my future. I can't thank you and
Dr. Swank enough! Keep up the Great Work!"
- Randy D.

"I've recently been diagnosed with MS and your site has filled me with confidence about the future. Thankyou."



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This is a Multiple Sclerosis

information Web Site

These pages are dedicated to helping other people who have Multiple Sclerosis better understand their disease by the author of the best selling book:

New Hope, Real Help for those who have Multiple Sclerosis

    My booklet is now out of print and can no longer be purchased.  We have put it on this site so that anyone who wishes to can down load the text free of charge.

    Sadly I know that the majority of MS patients are afraid, frustrated and angry because they have been told they have Multiple Sclerosis,  I will not insult your intelligence by holding out pie-in-the-sky hopes of miracles or non existent cures.  At least for the present MS is an incurable disease.  Many of you are desperately searching for a miracle that you think must be out there somewhere.  That is the point of this Web Site.  There is no miracle.  I'm sorry to say neither your MS nor mine will ever just go away.  We must learn to deal with that as best we can.
    A caution.  The symptoms of MS typically come and go.  Living with MS is sometimes like living  on  a  roller coaster.  It  is  typical  for  patients  following  the Swank Protocols  to go  into  long  remissions,  sometimes lasting years  between  exacerbations.  It is very easy during those times to deny that you really do have the disease and stop doing the things that resulted in you having a long remission.  MS is almost never mis-diagnosed.  If an error is made it is in a doctor not making the diagnosis of MS in a timely manner.